Teams are open to all WDHC members with a horse or pony with a qualifying vaccination record. If you can jump a course at 2ft 6 ins, you should be good enough to compete for us. Unlike most Riding Club Teams, WE pay the preliminary entry fees for Qualifying Competitions for National Finals and ask you to pay the rest.  Often for show jumping and dressage, this is less than £20. So, don't be shy, get in touch.

We also ALWAYS need helpers at events. You can still be part of the teams, without having to do the scary bit. Go on, you know you want to!

If you have not yet received your Membership Card, please do urgently let us know as you may need to produce this along with your horse's flu vaccination certificate when you got to your qualifier. Your membership details need to be on the BRC database at the close of preliminary entries, 21 days prior to the qualifier that you are taking part in, otherwise you will not be insured.

Please note that it is compulsory to have an up to date Equine Influenza Certificate before you can compete for the club.

You can find a copy of the vaccination rules on the BRC website.